Raw Honey & Sea Salt Donuts: Welcome to Pip’s Original

Awesome Decor in Pips Original, where you’ll get the best Raw Honey & Sea Salt donuts in Portland.

Today was my first day of getting out of dodge and exploring the whole wide world of coffee in Portland and, boy, was I rewarded with Pip’s Original. I’ve written for a local deal company (Scoutmob!) that enabled me to explore probably more than my fare share of great restaurants and coffee shops in PDX, but left to my own devices, I tend to frequent the same Dick & Jane’s every day. But no, time to break out visit great places like Pips Original, and you should, too.

1. The Donuts

Mini! Tasty! Fresh! What’s not to love? Raw Honey & Sea Salt satisfies the gourmet in all of us. If you’re not a donut person, great. Neither am I, and I tried them anyways, and they were wonderful.

I almost didn’t enter because they sell donuts, and with donuts comes the baggage of “donut shop.” Instead, Pips Original’s a beautiful coffee shop that feels like a fancy bar, and the donuts come in two types: Raw Honey with Sea Salt & Cinnamon Sugar.

OH MY GOSH, as I’m writing this post, a local beekeeper is actually dropping off his latest batch of spring honey, for their mini donuts. No Joke. Apparently they go through almost two gallons of honey a month.

Also, the donuts are *cute*! They’re tiny, and you get three at once. They’re also made fresh from this small machine, right as you order. And, as it was my first time there, the owner, Nate (with his wife Jamie), gave me a free one to try. Amazing.

Raw Honey & Sea Salt Donut

Raw Honey & Sea Salt Donut


2. The Coffee & Chai

They make all their own chai by hand, and keep the sugars low. I tried “The King & I” because Nate offered me a free sample. Really! He just wanted me to try it. It’s a Thai Chai, and it’s incredible. It’s also just a tad sweet, which is refreshing and nice.

The latte was great, using Extracto beans. So smooth, I took a sip and didn’t realize it. A simple, easy-going latte’s a nice thing. Not bitter, not sour, and there aren’t any rich or competing tones to weigh the drink down.

Pips Original makes the best chai in Portland.

Pips Original makes the best chai in Portland.


The walls are painted with this swirling cloud pattern, and all of the decor, including old books and a cactus collection, comes directly from Nate and Jamie’s home. Seriously. They didn’t have anything to decorate the shop with, so they took the art from their walls and brought it in. Their chandelier comes from their family farm, and was carted around with the family for years/possibly generations. They also decorate with wood from the rebuilding center mixed with blood, sweat, and tears. And they made something Portlandy and Beautiful.

The next time you’re on Fremont, or if you’re just looking for a new experience in P-Town, check them out. You’ll love it.

The beginning of their cactus collection.

The beginning of their cactus collection.

Hard at work being Awesome Baristas and making donuts.

Pips Original




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